EZABL Question! Help please - Electronics

  • Hi there guys, so recently I purchased a EZABL usb kit for my Creality Ender 3 and halfway thru the setup I realized the resistor inside the box that contains the little board wasnt soldered properly (one of the legs broke).

    I realized because the LED bulb inside the box wasn't lighting up whenever the sensor/probe was activated. So, I wiggled that resistor and noticed the red led bulb next to it would light on, so I was like GREAT its fixed but then what about if vibrations or something make it lose the connection? I tried to solder it back but there wasn't much left to work on and I think by accident I forgot to unplug the power cord and I bridged both ends of the resistor and the LED bulb would never come on again.

    So, my question is, since I am not really an electronics guy, mostly DIY. What could've happend by doing that? (bridge the resistor). Burnt LED? I tested the resistor with a voltmeter (un-solder it) and it was showing 4.6ohm. So I guess the resistor didnt burn. I tried to use jumper wires and attached them to the resistor and put them on the board to see if the LED would come on and nothing. So, what could be the damage? - The sensor still works and lights on and off depending if I place my finger under it, so I guess that part of the board still fine.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I just would like to know what type of LED bulb they use on the board to see if I can buy one and test it out AND also what type of resistor they use? I know its about 6mm tall but I cant really see the colors, I believe its gold, red, purple and something else....

    Also, what else could've "died" so I can buy tjat as well just in case and see if I can fix this board.

    PS: I tried contacting TH3D (sellers of this thing) before trying to fix it myself but I guess they are so busy that they didnt reply in a couple days and I lost my patience.


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