Mesh leveling way off after first print

  • Hey all,

    When I do a manual mesh leveling the grid comes out very nice! (it's around +- 0,05mm off)
    Next, I'm printing something and I mention an epic fail in the STL so I cancel the print with the corresponding cancel button. I remove the already printed PLA from the bed and home all axis again to get ready for the next print.
    Next up I start my new print with the improved STL and with the mesh loaded in, now my print is even worse because the nozzle is too d*mn close to the bed,. I cancel my print again to do another Manual Mesh Leveling.

    The next thing is really strange, When the second mesh leveling is done the mesh tells me the printbed is 0,6mm too high, while it was perfect before the first print??? how does the bed or maybe the Z-axis change from 0,05 too high to a bizarre 0,6mm too high after the first print?????

    I'm out of options and I really need some advice...

  • Moderator

    What firmware are you using? When and how are you loading the height map? What does your homing macro look like?

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