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  • Okay, this probably isn't going to be a problem long-term, but it's something that is having a current effect.

    I'm disabling the Z probe for mesh leveling, because it's getting inconsistent results in different regions of my print bed. I'll be taking steps to address that, but in the meantime, I am running a macro which sets the Z probe type to "0" (no Probe) then running mesh leveling. This is tedious, since I have to then set the 0 level for my print bed some 20 times, but it works.

    The issue is that the dialog box has increments for 10mm, 1mm and 0.1mm only. 10mm isn't useful for Z probe, and 0.1mm is just a little too coarse for a good first layer. I often end up manually editing the CSV file to make some fine adjustments to the mesh table.

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    You could do it more manually by creating seperate macros and treating them as buttons. In the macro to move it could drop the bed as little as you want. 0.001 if you like.

    I'm curious though, on my M291 move dialogue it goes down to 0.05 on the DWC and 0.02 on the paneldue.

  • Making a macro to move the Z motor isn't too hard, and I could move the Z height by 0.0025, but if you set the probe type to 0, the G29 or G30 command just displays the stock jog motor dialog. which has +10, +1, +0.1, -0.1, -1, and -10 buttons. I don't know what the PanelDue behavior is.

    This isn't the baby stepping, which (as you say) adjusts by 0.05 on the DWC.

    I have a macro which invokes G29 for use until I fix my Z probe issues:

    ; Manualprobe.g
    ; Make a bed map manually using the nozzle
    M558 P0 ; Tell the firmware to unset the Z probe
    M557 X50:170 Y35:235 S40 ; Define mesh grid (reduced resolution for manual mode)
    G29 ; Map the bed to heightmap.csv
    ; Reset the Z probe settings, copied from config.g
    M558 P8 H8 F780 I1 T9000 R0.5 Z1 ; Set Z probe type to unmodulated and the dive height + speeds
    G31 X0 Y0 Z-0.1 P100 ; Set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height
    M557 X30:190 Y35:235 S20 ; Define mesh grid

    This is an older backup copy, I think that I have the Z value on the G31 command at -0.07 currently, as that seems to be right for homing the Z axis. There's also an updated G31 command to set all of the offsets to 0 in the updated version.

    So the important parts are the M558 P0 command, which then tells the firmware "I don't have a Z probe" -- when you do this, the G29 (or a G30 probe action) will display the standard jog dialog and ask you to hit an "OK" button where you want the probe to zero. the problem being that with that setup, the Z probe resolution is always a multiple of 0.1mm, and sometimes that's just not quite good enough.

    Sure, I can make finer adjustments other ways, including writing down coordinates and adjustments, and manually editing heightmap.csv afterwards, but I think that if a manual probe is supported, perhaps a finer resolution pitch would be appreciated.

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    I see now. I didn't realize that M558 P0 uses a different dialogue than M291 Z1. That's odd. I would think they would be the same. Though I would also assume that the PanelDue dialogue and the DWC dialogue were the same, but they are not as I mentioned before. Now I'm curious what the M558 P0 dialogue would look like on the PanelDue.

    Perhaps this should be a firmware wishlist item. Dialogues for Z axis movement should use the same high resolution scale.

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    Are you using latest Panel Due firmware? I increased the resolution in one of the more recent updates.

  • @dc42 Well, I'm not using a PanelDue at all, just the DWC. As much as I'd like to have the extra functionality of the touchscreen, it's not an insignificant cost increase to add it (As opposed to something like the RepRap LCD controllers which are about $15 CAD for a 12864 or a 2004 controller)

    It's certainly not that I don't think it's worth while, but for the same cash, I could change out the Z probe for something else, but even then, I'd probably want to be able to double check the probe's measurements manually, because I tend to do that. For that purpose, having finer resolution controls would be good.

  • The dialog that appears has the same steps configured for moving the Z axis in the Machine Control section. Modifying those values also changes the ones in the message.
    Since we are talking about it, in the dialog there isn't a button to abort or cancel the manual probing procedure, it would be nice to have one. All of this only on DWC.

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    @supraguy said in Jog motor dialog scale:

    @dc42 Well, I'm not using a PanelDue at all, just the DWC.

    I thought you were using PanelDue, because DWC already lets you change the step size as @genghisnico13 has pointed out.

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    @genghisnico13 said in Jog motor dialog scale:

    Since we are talking about it, in the dialog there isn't a button to abort or cancel the manual probing procedure, it would be nice to have one. All of this only on DWC.

    That will come when the firmware supports conditions in GCode, so that some action can be specified when probing fails.

  • Cool.

    I found the configuration to change the babystep size, but not one for the jog motor dialog. the babystep size dialog is helpful already though. This is the 1.21 version of the firmware/DWC, is the dialog value change a feature in newer firmware?

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    @supraguy it's not in the settings page. You just right click on the actual jog button.

  • In what browser?

    I use Chrome, and right click on the buttons yields the "open link in new tab/new window/incognito window..." result, no editing options. It might be even trickier when trying to do mesh leveling, too, because then it's Chrome on my phone or tablet.

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    @supraguy I'm using chrome and

    Firmware Version: 2.02RC2(RTOS) (2018-09-07b2)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.21
    Web Interface Version: 1.22.3

    I'm not sure what version this feature was released. I only just learned of it myself.

  • Yes it was introduced in a fairly recent version of DWC

  • So it looks like I should update firmware. 🙂 I generally don't use RC versions of software unless I'm actively testing, and looking to update often, so I generally stick to stable releases.

    I don't mind beta testing, but I like to stick the experimental variables to as few as possible, and since my printer is still more or less in beta, I like the control software to be stable. Well, I guess the machine is pretty much proven ready to go now. Still a bug or two to squash.

    If this functionality is implemented, that's all good. I do have to say that I was also very happy to find the baby stepping interval tuning.

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    @supraguy you could try 2.01 stable release. It would be the latest DWC version that matters anyway I would think.

  • Hmmm... on this board at least, upgrading to the 2.01 seems to have some trouble with directory listings looping all of the files in the directory over and over and over.... The additional functionality is nice though.

    Last I had looked, all of the 2.x releases were still beta or RCs. Well, I suppose that I'll try the latest, and see if that fixes things. Okay, 2.02RC2 seems to work better that way.

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    Have you also updated the DWC version? It may only be the 2.02 versions that have fixed the too many files in a folder bug.

    Easiest way to resolve without updating would be to move the SD card to a PC and manaully moving the gcode files into folders.

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