Duet 2 WiFi - Mesh Grid Heightmap Too High

  • Hello once again to readers!

    I've run a mesh grid heightmap on a small portion of my "fake bed" (which is a flat block of MDF), and I seem to get a result that is super high from the axis. I don''t entirely know whether this is a G-Code problem, or a BLTouch positioning problem. Is this able to be fixed at all, like offsetting, or would I need to physically adjust something?

  • I had the same problem when I used G92 Z0 for Z homing instead of G31

  • Moderator

    It would help to know some more information.

    What firmware version?
    Can you post your config.g and homing files?
    Does the BLTouch function as expected otherwise?
    Other details about the printer.

  • Do you use your BLTouch for homing the Z axis also? If so, did you home the Z axis while the bed was cold and then probe while hot?

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