Terminal block screw loose PT100 daughterboard

  • Hey ^^
    Just bought a Duet Wifi, I was installing it, easy peazy, until I ran into an issue, I'm running with PT100, and so I bought a PT100 daughter board, and there is the problem : one of the screw of the terminal block was "broken", not in 2, but when I turn it, the metal piece inside doesn't move, neither does the screw 😞
    So now, I can't plug my PT100 😢

    Was wondering if you knew a fix of some sort, search a little on the net, found nothing, also tried to remove the screw, strangely, won't come out ! My last option was to unsolder the block and use Dupont connectors instead... Not shure how this would work !

    Thank you ^^

    Carlito 🙂

  • administrators

    I'm sorry that one of the terminal block screws appears to be faulty. Please ask your supplier to exchange the daughter board.

  • Thanks for the clue ^^

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