WiFi Not Responding

  • I have been having issues with my Duet WiFi losing connection while printing. While it is annoying, power cycling the printer normally corrects the issue. However, when it happened tonight and I rebooted the printer, the console shows the printer gets an IP address, but I can't connect to it. I tried pinging the address, but it only responds once in a while. Out of 16 pings, I have only had 2 responses. I am running 1.21. Any suggestions on where to start looking? The printer is in the same room as the router so I'm pretty sure it is not a signal strength problem.

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    @elmoc if you send M122 what does the signal strength say?

    Have you seen this?


  • I will look into that more, but it didn't seem to address the bigger problem of the Duet getting an IP address from the router, but not responding. I am wondering if it may be a heat issue. After leaving the printer off last night, I was able to connect up with it and get a print job started. The printer had been running several days doing some large jobs (10+ hours). I have been thinking of redoing the way the board is mounted so this incident might just move that to a higher priority.

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