Panel Due Not Connecting

  • Using a Duet Wifi 1.03 (running 2.02RC1 (RTOS)) with an Integrated Panel Due.

    For some reason the Integrated Panel Due keeps saying "connecting". I've updated my Panel Due firmware to 1.21.3, however no luck.

    The cables are connected, I've switched between the 4 pin (no breaks in the cable) to the SD ribbon and no luck there. Tried every baud rate on the panel due.

    I am able to view temperatures and XYZ co-ordinates via the web interface so I know that those are reading okay.

    Have I got a dodgy board? Any body have similar issues, or managed to fix it?

    I'm going to TCT tomorrow, so will be sure to discuss it with the guys on stand there.

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    The usual causes of failing to connect are:

    • Faulty cable (most common)
    • Mismatched baud rates. The Duet defaults to 57600 baud unless you have a M575 command in config.g to change it. So check that there is no M575 command in configt.g, and set the PanelDue to 57600.
    • Ribbon cable plugged into the wrong socket on the Duet. It should be plugged into CONN_SD.

    Less likely but possible are a fault on either the Duet or the PanelDue.

    HTH David

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