Connecting a CPP blower to Fan0

  • Hello, everyone!

    I have recovered the blower fan from a CPP machine, and I use it as a remote fan for cooling printed objects. It is a compact, silent and very powerful unit, which, combined with an efficient diffuser, is capable of terrorizing any filament, as soon as it leaves the nozzle.

    The motor is a three-wire brushless, which I connected to a brushless driver module from ebay. This module is controlled by a variable voltage from 0 to 5V. For the moment, I use a potentiometer.

    My question is: how to order this module from pin Fan0, which provides controlled grounding in PWM?

    I have mounted a passive integrator, using a 47µF capacitor and a 2.2kOhms resistance, but I only get an on/off control, and inverted (0 = Full motor, any PWM value = motor off). But full motor, it's scary!

    How do I build the interface circuit? Thank you!

  • administrators

    I presume you have connected the input of your integrator to the FAN- pin of the FAN0 connector. Did you also connect a pullup resistor between FAN- and +5V?