Mesh compensation does not seem to be working.

  • Before printing I run a calibration and a new mesh probe. However, my first layer is never consistent. Some areas are not printing low enough for good adhesion, other areas are too low and only a smear is printed. I have manually leveled the bed so there is less than 0.3 mm difference in the highest and lowest spot, but I can't seem to get a consistent first layer. If I run G29 S0 then print a simple square should it print smoothly, with the same amount of squishing ( technical term) of the filiment into the glass? Am I missing something? I'm using a smart effector so tilt should not be an issue.

  • Can you post what your height map looks like?

  • Yes, I\m going through the doumentation again tonight following all the steps for G32 and G29. I\ll post the map details when done. I think missed a step. My height map was almost perfect, but after clearing mesh compensasion is off by over 2mms in one corner. If you don't explicitly clear prior compensation can the values stack up?

  • @v0i9viper what firmware version are you using? There was a bug a while ago that could lead to something like that happening.

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