Probably is my fault, v1 4.3 white screen

  • I may have moved the jumper, or shorted the the 4 connection pins. I can reflash the firmware with no errors, but get only the screen backlight. Is there any way to test the panel due board to determine if I killed it or the display? I have a 2.3" TFT that is 240x320, it also shows only a white screen. Sorry to bother you with a problem I caused. I don't want to replace the Panel Due and find out the TFT is dead. The Due board looks like it has some kind of debug or flash onnetions labeled X4.a

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    Shorting the pins of the 4-pin connector shouldn't do any damage to the PanelDue, but could damage the Duet if you shorted the 5V pin to Din or Dout.

    Putting the jumper in the 5V position when you have a 3.3v display connected is likely to have damaged the display. It's also possible but less likely that the 5V may have fed back through the display into the PanelDue 40-pin connector, and damaged the microcontroller on the PanelDue too.

  • What is an easy way to test if I need a new display or a new PanelDue? I thought of installing Atmel Studio and finding a helloworld example for an LCD. I've even worked with GLCD on other platforms so it shouldn't be too bad since I have your source as a reference. Thanks for replying. This may be a dumb question, but can I use a Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen? The ribbon connector is wider than the one on the 4.3, but I think that may be due to resolution. With the new PanelDue board of course.

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    There is a section at about compatible displays.

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