Odd Values With Mini IR on Duet WiFi

  • I'm building a new printer with a beta Duet WiFi. Today I wired up the Mini IR Probe to it and I'm experiencing something odd. The probe appears to be functioning - lights blink as expected and lights blink when I move paper close to it. However, when I look at the values returned to the client software they are not as expected. If I am running just off of USB power then I get a value of 193. If I then plug in the mains power, then this value shoots up to 1023. These values do not change as I move paper in front of the sensor. This is all without any motors running. I've checked the wiring as much as I can tonight and everything looks fine. Any ideas?


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    It sounds like the OUT wire of the probe is not connected to the IN pin of the Z-probe connector. Some possible causes:

    • Wire connected to the wrong pin on the Z-probe connector
    • Bad crimp connection at one end of the wire
    • Bad soldering of the IN pin on the Duet
    • Bad soldering on the OUT pin on the sensor.

  • I had a similar experience when connected to mains (hadn't attempted USB only). Turns out my M558 in config.g was still configured for my FSRs and not to the IR probe. Did you make sure of that?

  • I finally tracked it down. I had a couple wires crossed. This also, unfortunately, explained why I melted my hotend this weekend. Thanks.

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