Help debugging smart effector issue?

  • Does not seem to trigger ever.

    Had a bad hotend jam that required replacing heater block/heat break/nozzle. With reassembled effector, not getting any triggering.

    • Cable seems to be unbroken, was working fine prior to the jam.

    • I do see 2 green flashes at power on.

    • M672 S131:131 does give 5 green flashes.

    • G31 with no params returns 0.

    • Tapping the nozzle does not show any green blink.

    Next steps to try? Wondering if I somehow broke things while replacing heat block. Heat sink was not removed from effector.


  • Apparently, I did fry my smart effector. 😞

    I remembered I had a spare smart effector stashed away, swapped all the effector parts onto the other PCB, and everything seems to be working fine.

    Now on to figure out why my print failed and jammed the hot end in the first place....

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