Least amount of wires for Carriage

  • Hi guys,
    Whats the least amount of wires have you been able to get going to your Carriage? I am planning to use a DB9 breakout board for the following:

    Here's what I have with sensorless homing

    3 - Two fans (common +12V)
    2 - Thermistor
    1 - GND
    1 - Servo (BLTouch)
    1 - Signal (BLTouch)
    1 - +5V (BLTouch)

    Total: 9

    Heater Cartridge: 2

    What do you guys have?

  • administrators

    Be very careful that there is no possibility of shorting +5V to +12V. I recommend putting all the heater and fan connections on one connector, and the thermistor and Z probe connections on another.

  • Currently I am setting up a CR10s and I am using Molex MicroFit 3.0 connectors to tidy things up instead of reducing the number of wires. I have the usual Stepper Motor wire, 2 - 4-Pin Molex connectors one that has extruder fan/part cooling fan, and the other has Thermistor / heater cartridge.

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