setting up AM2302 (DHT22)

  • hi all,
    wired in a new dht22 sensor, i originally had it wired to a pi so it correctly shows temp and humidity on the pi. switched over to connecting it to the duet and i can only get the temp readings to display real values. humidity is always at 2000%, temp reading 20C verified with a laser gun.

    ive got it wired to 3.3v, CS1, GND on the temp daughterboard pins. wouldnt work on the E3stop pin.

    here's my config
    M305 P103 X400 T22 S"Chamber Temperature"
    M305 P104 X401 T22 S"Chamber Humidity [%]"

    Firmware version: 2.01(RTOS) (2018-07-26b2)

    anyone got any ideas? i guessing ive overseen something


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    The DHT humidity sensor channel allocation was changed a few versions ago. It's now 450-453 depending on which CS pin you are using (450 for CS1).

  • theres my overseen part,
    thanks again david

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    The M305 entry in the GCodes wiki page was out of date. I've just updated it.

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