QIDI X-Pro(FFCP clone) conversion to Duet 2 WiFi

  • So I finally got my Duet 2 WiFi and starting conversion process.
    About printer I wrote here: https://forum.duet3d.com/topic/6854/upgrading-qidi-x-pro-printer-bunch-of-questions

    Besides this conversion I also want to upgrade my Z axis screw from T8x8 to T8x2, change X and Y pulleys from 17T to 16T, change steppers to 0.9 degree and some other changes to carriage and extruder(Bondetch gears, M3D V6 heater/tube/nozzles)

    So there is how it looked before with 32bit Chitu v4.2 motherboard(take a look what Chinese think about tining wires 😉 😞

    Locating new nylon holders:
    0_1538695452047_IMG_1596.jpg 1_1538695452047_IMG_1597.jpg 2_1538695452047_IMG_1598.jpg

    And starting to connect wires to board(can't finish yet as I still waiting for some extruder parts with different diameter heaters and etc):


  • Hey there!

    Just bought my Duet 2 Wifi, and I have a Qidi X-Pro as well.
    How did your conversion go? Did you manage to find all the appropriate settings?


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