Z-probing acceleration an jerk behaviour

  • How does the firmware handle acceleration and jerk when the Z-probe is triggered?

    In order to get smooth movement from my Z-axis (moving bed) I've set very low Z acceleration and 0 jerk during probing. When the Z-probe is triggered, does the firmware attempt to instantly stop the axis or does it adhere to jerk and acceleration settings?

    This is primarily of interest to me because piezo probes have essentially zero overrun ability when compared to most other tech so it's important to stop the bed as quickly as possible. How much work would be involved with allowing for different acceleration and deceleration rates during Z-probe movements?


  • @Moriquendi : good question. My z-probe (BLTouch) readings are not as good as I wish. I started a few tests to measure repeatability and a request to change M558 behaviour

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    The firmware does not use jerk when Z probing, and it reduces Z acceleration to 250mm/sec^2 if the standard Z acceleration is higher. When the probe is triggered it attempts to stop the Z movement instantly.

  • Excellent, that's pretty much ideal behaviour for my purposes.


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