Can't disconnect USB when printing from SD

  • Hi all. First post on the forum (or any forum ever, so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong).

    I finally updated the firmware on my ancient Duet 0.6. The last firmware update was all the way back in 2015. After a day of troubleshooting all the various changes I finally got my printer to print again. Since the printer is too far away from an ethernet port, I usually print from SD card with USB/Pronterface. However I noticed that with the current firmware version (1.21), after starting a print from SD card, I cannot unplug the USB cable without the printer immediately pausing mid-print. When I plug it back in, it briefly resumes for exactly 4 lines of G-code, before pausing again. It resumes even though it is not connected to pronterface. I tried connecting it to a 5v charger, to no avail.

    Is this some kind of new safety feature I missed? I looked at all the firmware notes from all the previous versions, but can't find any mention about it.
    With the ancient firmware version I had, I could just disconnect the printer and walk away.
    Anyone have a solution? I feel like I'm missing something really basic here...

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    There has been no intentional change. Are you sure that you do not have any debugging enabled?

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    PS - latest firmware for Duet 06 is 1.22.

  • @dc42

    That's exactly what it was! It was indeed something very basic, stupid I didn't notice it. Thanks DC42! 🙂

    Michiel de Bie

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