CNC Firmware for the PanelDue

  • I am building a CNC using both the DuetWifi and PanelDue. Having configured the DuetWifi (mostly) and having disabled all heaters as part of tools, the PanelDue still have the Temperature display (though it only shows the Heatbed and reads 2000 on it).

    This tells me the PanelDue by default wants to be used on a printer with temperatures.

    Have anyone made a more CNC version, where things not required for the temperatures are replaced with more CNC stuff?
    The examples I have:

    • Have a toggle button for M3 and M5 (Spindle On, Clockwise & Spindle Off). Being able to start/stop the spindle can be a great help.
    • Showing more Macros (by default on the 5i it shows 4 macros), having a few more a single tap away can be useful.
    • A few translations: for example "Printing" to become "Milling" etc.

    I have now tried to do a setup to customize it (while hopefully keeping it updated with the upstream development), but so far have been unable to get it right. Everything seems to show errors.

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    It's on the work list to do more intelligent tool and temperature display on PanelDue, but there are more pressing things to finish this month.

  • Hi all, sorry for reviving such an old thread but has there been any movement on this? I’m sure I’m not alone in this request. I know your super busy with everything but if you can shine any light on getting this done, I know I’d be happy to help! if I can in anyway of course 😉
    Thanks again for everything you do dc42!!

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