Wi-Fi gets disabled randomly during print

  • Good day all,

    I've got a weird issue with my Duet Wi-Fi.

    It just disables the Wi-Fi module (blue LED on it switches off) during prints and it doesn't enable until I switch the power off an on.

    Any idea why this could happen?

    I believe this has started to happen since I've upgraded to firmware 2.02, although I'm not sure.

    Can't post now any config.g since I'm printing and got no clue what's the status 😞


  • administrators

    The usual cause is poor WiFi signal strength and/or interference. The firmware attempts 2 retries when the connection to the access point is lost. This will be increased in a new firmware version soon.

    Meanwhile, if you have a PanelDue on your system, you can send M552 S1 to reconnect. It's also possible to set up a push button connected to a spare endstop switch to run a macro that sends this command.

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