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    Iam quite new to Smart Home and FHEM stuff but the last few days i got my FHEM Smarthome server to conntect to Telenet and do the preheat the Printer Next door.
    well i know this is kinda useless because i need to start the Browser anyway to load the file iam looking for a way to read the status from the Print so i get notified or do some other stuff.

    So is ther a easy way using telenet or something similar to read the status?

    Thank you

  • administrators

    You could send M408 commands over Telnet to fetch the status, but you would need to extract the fields you want from the response.

  • Is your smarthome system capable of making HTTP requests?

    All the information and control performed by the Duet Web Control (DWC) is documented here:

    It is a fairly simple protocol.

  • I thing both is working.. M408 Is what i was looking for but i will check the HTTP Requests thank you

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