Export print stats?

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    Congrats to Duet Wifi h/w and reprap firmware my experience upgrading Tevo Little Monster MKS board to Duet Wifi has been great! It is amazing how silent it made my little monster and how I no longer have to do voodoo magic to get the thing calibrated... I'll be installing smart effector with Hayden rods mod shortly and I can't wait to how swap effectors like a champ!

    I was wondering if there is a way to export print statistics or perhaps save in basic log file that I could write a script to interpret? I always forget to look or write down how long a print actually took and I like to remember what I print also so I'm thinking exporting to something maybe Redis or whatever would be nice... So that I could have someone listening on the network and log what is it the printer is doing to be reviewed later kind of thing 🙂

    I am very new to this UI so maybe I missed an option? I like the print statistics but as as soon as I start a new print their gone...

    I would love it if the duet wifi could be configured to broadcast what it's doing so that I could write a client that listen and log not only what I print and how long it took but why not have the option to broadcast what it's doing "live" (temp, commands, ...) and ultimately control over pubsub would be sick!

    I'll try to have a look at the source some day see what can be done but in the meantime if someone know of a way to do something like that or some plugin being worked on then I would like to hear it!


    Go open source ✌

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    @sineer there is not an option to export the detailed stats directy from DWC however you should have a look at the functionality provided by M408:


    This is what is used by Duet Web Control to get information on the current printer status so you can get the same information (over http is probably easiest) to see the API have a look at the DWC readme:
    specifically using rr_status

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    You can also enable logging, see https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/GCode#Section_M929_Start_stop_event_logging_to_SD_card. When a print finishes, the time taken is written to the log.

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