Z probe Offset Calculation. possibility

  • I run a BLtouch.

    I would like to automatically re-calibrate the Z-offset of the BL Touch.

    Can i first Z home the bed first by using the motor stall function on Z axis,
    then re-home Z axis using the BL touch.
    The resulting difference should be the exact Z offset for the BL touch.
    This should all be able to be done in a Macro i believe.

    This would involve setting z endstop to motor stall, the on second pass setting endstop to bltouch.

  • administrators

    You could do it the other way round. Home Z using bltouch, then use a G1 S3 Z move with the type of Z endstop set to stall detection. That will adjust the tool Z offset.

    Stall detection is at best accurate to +/- 1 full step of the motor.

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