Occasional unstable thermistor reading

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    I started having some temperature reading problems on my hotend. Most often the temperature is read correctly, however, in some occasions there is a spurious reading, which can create a heater fault. An example of the spurious reading is shown in the picture (this one didn't halt the printing process but others can). 0_1539534885767_temp.jpg

    The problem is very random, it may or may not appear on a print (the last one appeared at 4 hours and 30 minutes into a print job). I've read the page about spurious temperature errors and the only valid option for my case seems to be noise but I have no idea about its source.

    What should I do? I cannot trust the printer in its current form, as prints can fail randomly. Should I change the thermistor ?


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    The most likely cause is an intermittent short between one of the thermistor wires and the hot end metalwork. If it is a cartridge thermistor then it could be caused by an intermittent short within the cartridge.

  • Thanks. In either case, the solution seems to be changing the thermistor then....

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