G30 bed leveling failure, continues to print

  • I have a Duet3d Ethernet board and I'm using a 4 point G30 command to check bed level within a bed.g file. Gcode for the G30 commands is below. If I get a failure then it continues to print about 5mm above the print surface. Can I get the duet3d to cancel the print if it fails bed leveling?

    G1 X3 Y3 F6000 ; move to first probe point
    G30 P0 Z-100000 ; probe bed

    G1 X0 Y354 F6000 ; move to second probe point
    G30 P1 Z-100000 ; probe

    G1 X353 Y354 F6000 ; move to third probe point
    G30 P2 Z-100000 ; probe

    G1 X353 Y1 F6000 ; move to fourth probe point
    G30 P3 Z-100000 S ; probe and calculate offset

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    This will be possible when I have implemented support for conditions in GCode.

    What sort of failures are you getting?

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