Just a question on endstops behavior

  • I have a machine with optical endstops where they get triggered when I use all the print volume, this machine is using smoothieboard and the endstops are working only during the homing fase so this is not a problem.

    I am planning to install the duet and I am worried that the firmware will stop the print if one of the endstops will get triggered.
    can I go with the duet or I have to change the endstops position ?


  • On my printer at least, most moves do not take the endstops into account, so as long as the printer motion remains within the acceptable defined range of motion.

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    The endstop switches are used only during homing, unless you create macro files to monitor them at other times. So you need not worry about triggering them during a print.

  • @dc42
    great! that's I I want to hear 🙂

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