Dual motor Z axis nema 23 motors

  • Shall i use an external driver or will the internal hold up to the job? I saw that the recommended current shall be under 3 amps. My 2 motors have Peak Current is 2.8A/phase. So my idea was to use the Z output to drive an d1542ma connected to both motors at the output. Any recommendation anyone

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    Typically you won't want to run the motors close to their rated current, because they will get very hot if you do. So you can use the internal drivers. If you have only one extruder drive, you can connect the second motor to the E1 output instead of using both series-connected Z motor outputs, and you will be able to drive them independently for bed levelling.

    If you do decide to use external drivers, see https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Using_external_stepper_motor_drivers for how to connect and configure them.

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