Here is my little toy

  • Much modified Anet A8, the only things left of it are the motors, some of the wiring and the smooth rods for the z axis.

    Got tired of the y axis smooth rods sticking on first move with ignus bearings and the noise with linear balls

    Prints nicely at about 80mm/sec at 0.3 height with a 0.4 nozzle, non print moves @300mm/sec sits on a silicone 3mm sheet

    Having problems printing faster, I'd like to get to 100mm/sec as it's a nice round number.

    So next thing is a e3d volcano and a Bondtech style extruder (relying on a smooth bearing and spring tension just seems wrong to the engineer in me, things should just stop when they f**k up not grind flats 😁 )

    Bed size is 220 x 275 x 300, and I print mostly with PETG

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