Register Data - both console and print

  • I would like to have all console messages, print end for example, and response to any Gcode commands from DWC or panelDue to be saved in a text file.

    Also, I would like to save all printing data: Start time, basic information, simulated time (if available), end time, if it was canceled etc as a simple text or csv file.

    This can be really useful for filament spool management, for my own records of success or failed prints, to compare predicted to real print time, etc.


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    A lot of that information is already saved if you enable logging. See the description of M929 in the GCode wiki page. Firmware 2.02RC3 logs additional information compared to previous versions.

  • @dc42 I will, thank you.

  • @dc42 I does not register the filament monitor data output from M591. I would like to enter the M591 command each layer then compare with predicted length to visualize with a graphic and check when issues happens (forcing issues for example) to better define my range trigger.

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    I think this will be possible when conditional GCode using variables from the RepRapFirmware Object Model has been fully implemented. That's planned for firmware 2.03.

  • @dc42 I do not want to compare on the fly 😄 Would be great but not what I would like for now - just register the data then I will manually fill the data to a spreadsheet and compare the gcode extrusion length data with measured data.

    Then I'll force a failure (holding the filament, opening the extruder, cutting it, closing the nozzle exit with a tool etc.) and compare with normal printing data to look where those failures happened during a print - as the sensor is not configured to pause or do anything right now.


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