Geared extruder question

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a true E3D Titan extruder, with a 1.8deg stepper. I have the pulses per mm figured out and calibrated. The jerk, acceleration, and Max speed are set. Everything works fine, I am just curious about something.

    For the jerk, and acceleration settings, is that based on the filament or the stepper motor?

    For example; for the axis settings, 10mm/s jerk, the axis has to slow down to 10mm/s before it can go the other way. Now for my geared extruder, if I want 10mm/s of filament jerk, would I have to multiply that by 3 (10*3 = 30mm/s in comfig file)? Same for the acceleration, should I take the expected acceleration and multiply it by 3?

    Hope this makes sense.


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    The reasons for allowing filament jerk are not the same as those for allowing axis jerk. Filament jerk is needed to allow for slicers changing the extrusion rate between moves (often not intentionally), and to allow pressure advance to work properly.

    For pressure advance purposes, the minimum filament jerk setting needed is the maximum extruder acceleration used during printing moves multiplied by the pressure advance setting. Then convert that from mm/sec to mm/min for M566.

  • @dc42 thank you so much for the information. Now I will have to re-tune my extruder.

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