Mesh bed compensation for oblong bed

  • My bed is X300 Y200 but when the height map is displayed, the X direction is shown the same size as the Y, so my questions
    1. Does mesh bed compensation work on non square beds?
    2. Would the height details shown at a corner be correct? or is it the height at the truncated size, i.e.X200?
    3. The squares of the grid are shown as square and I believe that the software works on squares, so with probe points of 20mm I have 5 points in the X direction not shown on the height map.
    4. If I have a height dip somewhere along the X direction, how do I translate that for the actual point on the bed?
    5. Finally, am I doing something wrong?

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    Please share your M557 command, also tell us your Z probe offset (G31 X and Y parameters) and M208 parameters.

    Also go to Setup->System Editor in DWC and open the height map file heightmap.csv. You should find that the number of rows and columns (ignoring the first two lines) corresponds to the number of Y and X grid points. Points that appear as 0 in the height map without any decimals are point that were in your grid but were not probed, which normally means that the firmware considered they were not reachable by the probe.

  • Thank you
    It is my fault (as expected), I had the max X in the M557 command set to 200 instead of 300.
    What a plonker, I thought I had checked all of the settings a number of times.
    I just need to understand why my glass bed is showing up like Blackpool's old wooden coaster.

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    If you are using the IR sensor, do you have black paper under the glass?

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