PanelDue firmware info in DWC

  • Not sure if there is a PanelDue Firmware Wishlist, so I'm opening a new topic:

    Every time there is a new PanelDue firmware, I have to think hard about which hardware version I have, and which firmware is currently flashed onto it.

    It would be great if DWC could display this, next to the Duet & DWC information box in the Settings tab.:
    0_1540719707508_Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 10.39.51.png

    Ideally, it would display this:
    PanelDue v3 electronics with a 5'' screen connected, running Firmware version 1.22

    I'm not aware of any info exchange in the current system, so I would propose adding a new M-code which is sent by PanelDue after connecting to "register" itself with the Duet - unless there is some sort of init handshake before the regular M402 status message start being exchanged.

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    Good idea! I've added this to the PanelDue firmware work list.

  • Another Panel Due wish list item:

    Current coordinates displayed in move screen.

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