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  • Hey all,
    I'm new to 3D printing and decided to buy a kit that did not come with electronics instead of buying a full kit and replacing half the electronics within a few months. I got a great deal on a MTW Create Motion kit ( which seemed like a very solid frame for my build. Since this is my first 3D printer build, I just wanted to get some feedback on whether I need to order anything else to get my printer up and running so here's all the electronics that I have ordered so far:
    Duet 2 Wifi
    Meanwell UHP-500-24
    E3D v6
    Cloned Titan Extruder (not sure if I want to go direct or Bowden)
    5 x Nema 17 (76oz/in)
    Various JST connectors & XT 60
    22 AWG Silicone Wire
    24v Kapton Bed Heater - came with kit
    Fans - came with kit
    IEC Plug & Power Cord - came with kit
    Cloned BL Touch

    I think that's about it for what I've got so far. I wasn't sure which end-stop switches I should get for my build so any advice in this direction would be great. For right now, I plan on just using the web control and not having a screen on the printer itself. Just wanted to see if I should order anything else, because nothing is worse than having to stop building because of a missing part (currently waiting on m3 washers).

    Thanks all

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    That sounds fairly comprehensive, although you will probably find that you forgot something. Check that the fans are 24V.

  • Awesome thanks! Fans are 24v; I'm hoping noctua comes out with some smaller ones by the time I'm ready to replace them with something quieter. Yeah, I'm just trying to minimize the amount of parts I'll find out are critical to having a functioning printer.

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