Problem building RRFLibraries

  • Hi there! Can anyone help me? I am trying to build the Firmware for DUET Ethernet but I cannot build RRFLibraries (Mac). All other packages work (except RepRapFirmware of course..) The following errors occurs every time:


    Looking forward to your answers 🙂

  • @felix9t CoreNG is another project in dc42's repository which is referenced by the RRFLibraries project. I would use the latest RRFlibraries branch and the v2-dev branch of CoreNG.

    Rename the project name to CoreNG if it has a different name. Then the path should be found. ../.. means go up two levels in the path, so CoreNG must be in the same Eclipse workspace as the RRFLibraries project to be found.

    I would build CoreNG first and make sure it compiles correctly, before rebuilding the RRFLibraries.

  • Thanks! I had the wrong version of CoreNG..

  • Unfortunately now I have a different problem (Sorry that I ask these 'beginner questions'.. I'm new to this project..):

    I can complie all packages except the RepRapFirmware. I always get these errors and the build fails:


  • Alright solved it. Was using the wrong build of RepRapFirmware..

  • @felix9t I have fallen over these things in the beginning too!

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