bad shopping experience at duet3d (mostly my fault though)

  • One for the webshop maintainer:
    This is the second time now that I have tried to buy something only to be stumped at the first hurdle of logging in. I forget my password, try a few possibles, then give up and use the reset password link. So far so good, but after changing my password I'm greeted with "your account has exceeded allowed login attempts, please try again in 1 hour". By which time usually something pressing has come up to divert my attention and the cycle repeats a few days later.

    It would perhaps be better to reset the account blocked flag following a successful password change.

    Also if, while blocked, I try to login again within the hour, does the clock get reset and I have to wait yet another hour from then?

  • administrators

    @zedsquared I will have a look at this, thanks for reporting it.

    Did you manage to login sucessfully?

  • Nope, after waiting sufficiently I got "email or password don't match" error when attempting login. Tried the reset password link again, after resetting via link received in email I "got email or password don't match" again. Pretty certain I wasn't mistyping the passwords or email each time.
    Trying to recreate the account got a "that email address is already registered" error so eventually I made a new account using my works email address and was able to order successfully from that.


  • administrators

    @zedsquared arrg, sorry for the hassle and thanks for your persistence!


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