Filament monitor reported to much movment

  • I have a magnetic filament monitor which run smoothly form almost a yeat and many prints, but lately I am receiving this error How can I get rid of it. The print run smoothly and everything seems ok so even after resuming the print.

  • Iam trying to investigate the cause of this error.
    I did a M591 D0 R-1
    but my value are a lot worse then before .
    now I have
    Duet3D rotating magnet filament monitor on endstop input 3, enabled, sensitivity 28.80mm/rev, allowed movement 0% to 160%, check every 3.0mm, current position 255.2, measured sensitivity 23.05mm/rev, measured minimum 114%, maximum 135% over 39.4mm

    last time a did a check tolerance +12% -9%

    Can someone explain me this value?

  • administrators

    Could it be that the magnet on the rotating shaft is no longer aligned with the centre of the sensor chip?

  • Thank you for answering me .
    I cleaned and checked the sensor and it seems fine.
    The starnge things , for me is that minimum and maximum are over 100% but the variation is still low
    measured minimum 119%, maximum 136% so 17%.
    I can't undestand why before I had always a variation of about 30% but -10% +20%


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