My Duet wifi seems to have gone belly up after only a few days.

  • Something just went south on my Duet Wifi. I've been working with it for the last couple days learning the configuration and everything was fine. I had my back to the board, and I heard a small pop. Now the lights come on, but I can not connect to it. The blue light is on and solid on the wifi card, but I can't connect or ping it. I also noticed that the board is VERY hot.

    Stupid me, I was so excited about getting this board that I never bothered to find out if there is any sort of a warrenty. Am I screwed?

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    I'm sorry to hear that your board has failed. The warranty policy for genuine UK-manufactured Duets is at

    Can you tell which components on your Duet are generating the heat?

  • @dc42 It seems to be from the motor drivers (I think .... five square chips near the motor connectors.) At the time this happened, I had a couple motors plugged in, but they weren't doing anything. I was busy reading the docs.

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    Can you see any damage to the motor driver chips, or any other chips?

    We see the occasional infant mortality failure of a motor driver chip (which is covered by the warranty), but normally just that driver is affected, and the ability to connect to the board is not affected.

  • @dc42 the heat might be a red herring. I just tried it again and noticed that the WiFi light comes on immidialy and stays on. Before, it would blink three times, pause, and blink three more times and then stay on. I have looked the board over a few times and I can see no damage.

    This really breaks my heart. I was making some very good progress. Fudge! I sent a message off to the reseller and I am a long time customer of his, so I’m pretty sure he will do what ever he can for me. Double fudge!!


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