MKS MINI 12864 on Maestro

  • Rats! Had really hopped this would work as using the mini LCD in our case isn't so much about cost savings, it's size of the board/screen and position of the SD card (front load). If all it required was a custom terminated ribbon cable to make work, that isn't out of the question, but not worth the efforts if it required hardware modifications.

  • What David is referring to in the cable/hardware mod is since the mks mini, Viki2 and similar displays need to have an extra pin, A0, you would have to pull that pin in from somewhere else like from the expansion header for example. It wouldn't be the simple plug in solution that the currently supported display allows for. For me personally it's not an issue as the Viki2 display doesn't come with ribbon cables it had flying leads that you plug in to the specific pins needed.
    I am guessing the hardware modification he is mentioning would be something along the lines of running a jumper wire from a pin on the expansion header and soldering it to the bottom of the lcd connect on the pin that the ribbon cable connects to for the pin A0.

    Once again I am willing pay for these types of displays to be added because to your point its not a cost consideration for me it's a design and appearance issue for me. I detest the look of the white/grey on blue background of the reprap 12864 display and it also doesn't fit in the location I want to install it on the Flashforge Creator Pro I am converting.

  • I should also say that as above I completely understand what I suspect is David's desire to not create a support headache of people not reading the documentation close enough and asking why the display doesnt't. Then he or someone else has to explain why and what they need to do everyone someone asks about it.

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    Why do the other displays have A0, what is that extra pin used for?

  • @t3p3tony the A0 pin is used as a register select pin, it's used for selecting they type of data being sent to the display command or data.

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    Is either the Viki2 or the MKS Mini 12864 open source? I haven't found a schematic for either on the Internet, only one for the Viki 1 20x4 text display.

  • @dc42 The MKS mini unfortunately no, they have a history of not being very friendly in that regard, I did find someone had posted the level converter ic being used is the same 75hc4050 used on the RepRap Full Graphic Smart Controller and its also used on the Viki2.

    The reprap wiki lists this pin out for the MKS Mini

    Annoyingly they didn't put the lcd CS pin in the same location as the RepRap display so that would require additional custom wiring. Interestingly they did not put in separate SPI signals lines for the LCD, they are pulling from the SD card SPI lines. To me this suggest that the 74HC4050 is being used to shift the SD card signals as well as the lcd signals but as I do not have one of these displays I can not confirm how the lines are being level shifted.
    A person could use use the "dupont" style female - female jumpers instead of the ribbon cable on the EXP1 header connections to make the custom connections if they did not have access to crimpers and a selection of Molex SL series connectors/contact pins to allow for crimping custom connectors.

    Panucatt Devices list them selves as being an open hardware company but like you I was unable to find a schematic for the viki2 but there is a wiring diagram available to aid in hooking it up .
    Perhaps they might provide the schematic if asked for it, I didn't think about doing that as i was able to work out the needed info from the Viki2 I have in hand.

    I looked over my Viki2 and did some quick pin tracing and the 74HC4050 is being used to level shift all the signals and is using a 3.3v VCC into the chip as the display is 3.3v as is the SD card. I looked at the data sheet for the 74HC4050 and it indicates that it will recognize a 2.5v+ signal as a high signal when 3.3v is used for VCC, given that, no level shifting is required for the extra A0 signal that is needed.
    The Viki can be setup to accept 5v or 3.3v on its VCC input line, 3.3v is passed through directly and 5v goes into a voltage regulator to produce 3.3v.
    The Viki2 also combines the SD and LCD SPI signals together like on the mks mini.

    Given that the Viki2 has its own custom pin out for the connectors I had planned on making my own custom cabling to hook it up to the Maestro.

  • @mabover that jives with what I have been table to locate on this so far as well from digging through how Marlin supports it.

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    What display controller chips do these displays use?

  • @dc42 I know specifically that the Viki2 uses the ST7565 and I suspect the MKS mini does as well from what I have seen online.
    Adafruit has some documentation that may be helpful including a datasheet

    I have also noticed that Marlin specifically is using the u8glib to interface with these displays. From what I can see online for the MKS mini displays people are using the minipanel configuration and in the Marlin defines that configs as being the ST7565 display.

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