Heater reading faults during printing [SOLVED]

  • Hi Guys,
    as you can see on the attached picture I have lots of missmeasuring of the extruder temps during printing. I use a duetethernet on a delta setup with a flying extruder. So the wires of the extrudermotor and the pt100 are very close together for round about 70cm. The missmeassuring only occurs when the extruder motor is spinnig. I have the problem on two identical deltaprinters. One can print with this defect the other one not any more. There is a warning when I load the filament. It says:

    Error: Temperature reading fault on heater 1: sensor short to other wiring
    Warning: Tool 0 was not driven because its heater temperatures were not high enough or it has a heater fault


    For me it looks like this only happens when the extruder motor is spinning very fast during retractions and in the filament loading macro. Do you guys have any solutions for my problem?

    Best Regards

  • Shielded stepper cabling grounded near the duet should help. Twisted pairs cabling for stepper may help as may shielded cabling for the PT100.

  • @DocTrucker
    Thanks for your advice. I installed an shielded stepper wire without grounding it and now it works great.


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