What are the recommended fan voltages for the Duet wifi

  • My duet board is out for repairs, so I can't check the board directly and I would like to get the fans ordered. What is recommended for fan voltages? I've tried to find it in the docs, but, but have not found it yet.

  • You have the choice of Vin (Whatever your main power supply is) or 5V as selected by a jumper on-board. Alternately, if you have another power supply voltage (Say, your Vin is 24V, and you have a 12V converter) you can connect that to the jumper instead and power your fans that way.

    Most people select fans to match their main power supply.

  • Agree with Supra Guy, he described it well.

    One additional point: If you do run some kind of voltage converter, put it in the positive line to the fan, and connect negative directly to the appropriate fan negative pin on the Duet.

    PWM for fans is accomplished by switching the negative.

  • @supraguy I will be running 24v. Is there any advantage using vin vs 5v?

  • Higher voltage fans are generally able to move more air, as they're usually higher power as well. 5V fans are kind of hard to find. I've seen people use 12V fans at the lower voltage in order to make them more quiet, though this is not always reliable.

    24V fans are also harder to find (though more common than 5V fans, I think.) I also find that they don't seem to last as long, but I don't have a lot of evidence for that. It might just be that when a 24V fan fails, I have to go buy another one, instead of grabbing one of many spare computer fans that I have lying around. For this reason, I'm setting up to run 12V fans, even though I'm running 24V for everything else.

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    I use 24V fans on my delta printer. The first ones I bought had sleeve bearings and they didn't last very long before they became noisy. So I found some ball bearing ones shipping from China (on eBay or AliExpress, I can't remember which) and bought some. They have been running without problems for about 2 years.

    Edit: eBay UK now has several listings for 24V 40x10mm ball bearing fans.

    I don't advise using 5V fans because if you get a short between the +5V feed to the fan(s) and a heater wire, you will write off the Duet.

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    Well, you just sold me!!


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