Duet Web Control do not open on chrome android

  • Hello, I just set the Connection of duet wifi to my wifi.

    DWC runs good on my laptop but I have not been able to access the DWC from my Android phone, it tells me that it did not find the server's DNS address (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED), I tried the "Find My Duet" app from my cell phone and it works perfect but I want to connect to the DWC from any Internet connection through my android phone. I have tried to delete cookies, hosts and other options and I have not achieved anything.


  • Hi,

    You will need to setup "port forwarding" in your internet router to allow accessing something on your local network from the outside world.

    Have you done that already?


  • administrators

    @andres_13 @fcwilt

    I highly recommend not putting your Duet onto the internet without using a VPN to protect it. It is not an "IOT" device and not designed to be exposed to the internet. Generally exposing Machine tools to the internet directly is not a good idea in my opinion!

    If you want to access DWC remotely then setting up a secure remote desktop connection to a machine on your local network may be a better idea.


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