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    1. The V2 firmware is for all Duet WiFi, Duet Ethernet and Duet Maestro boards. So you can use it on your Duet WiFi.

    2. In the command M587 S”wifi24” P”password” it looks like you are using the wrong type of double quotation marks. I guess this is a Mac thing. It should be M587 S"wifi24" P"password". Can you see the difference?

    3. From main firmware version 1.19 onwards, DuetWebControl no longer needs to be installed using M997 S2. You just need to have the contents of DuetWebControl.zip (not the zip file itself) files in the /www folder of the SD card.

    4. You need to have DuetWiFiServer 1.21 running on the WiFi module before the M587 command will work. So it you haven't already done so, copy it into /sys on the SD card, start the Duet and send M997 S1.

    HTH David

  • Since your firmware is earlier than v 1.19, there are more steps in the update of the firmware: Look specifically at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Installing_and_Updating_Firmware#Section_If_your_Duet_WiFi_is_running_firmware_1_18_or_earlier

  • @dc42 I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ll get the newer firmware for all three. Currently though I don’t have a /www file or folder, so I just create a /www folder and put the duetwebcontrol.zip file there? And was I correct when I downloaded it and made the entire folder downloaded to one zip file?

    I saw another post about the quote marks, and someone posted a “hey copy the way I have it here and it’ll work”, so I didn’t and just sub my info in. But I guess since I’m not running 1.21 Wi-Fi server like you said it doesn’t matter much.

  • Create the /www folder and then extract the duetwebcontrol.zip file into it.

    Once you get through this update future updates will be much much easier.

  • Thanks, tomorrow when I work on it I should get it. Thanks for all the help so far

  • @phaedrux hey when I download the zip file on my Mac, the actual file when done just shows as any other folder on my computer. I can turn it into a zip file, but without doing anything to it it shows as normal folder.

    And what do you mean by extract it? I appreciate all the help again

  • What exactly are you downloading?

  • The duetwedcontrol firmware

  • @advancedrescue So that file is a zip file. A zip file is a compressed container file that stores a bunch of other files. Extracting it means taking those compressed files out and turning them back into regular old files.

    DuetWedControl.zip contains all the files needed to make the DWC work. Those files need to be in a folder called WWW on the SD Card.

    When you download the zip file and open it on the mac, it will turn into a folder with the files in it. You can just rename that folder to WWW and copy it onto the SD card.

    After this it gets much easier, as you only have to upload the zip file to the web control and it will do the rest.

  • @phaedrux

    Ok, good news and some bad.

    I got the latest 2.02 firmware, the latest wifiserver 1.21, and duetwebcontrol 1.22.3 all running. I’m also finally able to get on the web interface.

    The bad:
    Not of my commands work. Home x/y/z/all... none are working. My tool heat up is working, and the fans kicked on like I have them set too.

    I want to say the other night I remember seeing somewhere in the many pages I came across that after a certain update certain config commands changed. But i visited so many pages I don’t remember, and there’s been so many updates I’ve missed that it could be any. I’ll get to looking but maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I’ll post G-Code console feed so you can see the errors

    Thanks so much for all the great help!

  • Yes there was a change that prevented movement of axis before they were homed.

    You'll have to either add a command to the config.g to allow those movements by default or you can edit your homing files to allow just those homing moves. Usually it's the z lift before homing x and y.

    From the FAQ

    I get this error message: "Error: G0/G1: insufficient axes homed" ¶
    Recent firmware versions do not allow axes to be moved before they have been homed. The only movements allows are homing moves (G1 moves with S1 or H1 parameter) and individual motor moves (G1 moves with S2 or H2 parameter). So any Z movements that your homing files make before Z is homed should use the S2 parameter. Alternatively, add M564 H0 to config.g to allow axis movement before homing.


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