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  • Yes I've read the other threads.

    I can't get the Duet Wifi to work via the internet. I don't see any sort of port that the Duet Wifi itself is using, thus can't forward anything to it... If I just give it an unused port in the router, then it just says there's no connection.

    YES I know its not the most secure. I DO NOT CARE. Printer is located in an area where if it were to catch fire, oh well. A foot of solid concrete in every direction does not, and will not, burn.

    I NEED access, because lately the printer has been skipping steps randomly, and I have several things I need to get printed in the coming weeks as I wait for possible new motors to come in. Nothing about the printer has changed but the motors appear to have slop. so while i'm waiting for shipping, I'd MUCH rather be able to just remote into the printer when at work, check the camera feed to see if its still printing properly, and if not, tell it to turn off.

    I do not care if it is a vulnerability for MY network. It is my network, not yours, so please let me worry about that. The port is only going to be active when I'm AWAY from home, not 24/7. Have a lovely script for that.

    So if anyone can be kind enough to give a legitimate answer to how this is accomplished without going "use a vpn" or "don't do it its not secure", I'd greatly appreciate it...

  • Port forwarding will depend on your router. If you have the manual there should be a section on how to do it.

    Basically, you choose a port to use, so that any incoming connection that specifies that port will go to the IP address of the Duet. You'll then need to know your own external IP address.

    Duet IP:
    External IP:
    Random port: 76030

    On the web you would go to
    Your router would be configured to send any traffic coming in on that port to

    Be aware that unless you're paying your service provider for a static IP, it will occasionally change. You can either get a domain name and use a ip address updater tool to constantly keep your domain linked to whatever your external ip changes to. Such as:

    So you could have take you to your duet

    At the very least I suggest you set a password to access the DWC.

  • I guess the missing information you are looking for is:

    The Duet listens on port 80/tcp for HTTP. It behaves like a regular HTTP server.
    This means you need a port forwarding in your router from some random port (external) to port 80 of your Duet IP:
    your-changing-IP:1234 ---> your-local-duet-ip:80

    Please be aware that security is only one concern - putting stuff on the open internet means random people or machines start port scanning you and sending you (probably garbage) traffic. I highly doubt that you want to potentially bombard your poor little Duet with garbage data... potentially causing random crashes or other weird things. Be warned.

  • Your router may allow you to connect to your network using VPN. Worth looking into.

  • @hikarinokitsune said in Internet Access:

    .......................................... YES I know its not the most secure. I DO NOT CARE. Printer is located in an area where if it were to catch fire, oh well. A foot of solid concrete in every direction does not, and will not, burn.

    I am I the only one who can see the funny side of this?

    Methinks the OP may not have grasped the meaning of having a firewall. ☺

  • Using VPN is a much better alternative. It also gives you the possibility to securely connect through your home internet when on a public wifi. I also use my VPN when traveling since a lot of Swedish streaming services will only work if your connection comes from within Sweden.

    Installing a OPENVPN server on a spare Raspberry Pi is super easy with for example

  • Okay Mr. Fox of light.

    First off, I would suggest that you look for a dynamic DNS. I use dnsexit myself, they have a free account so that you can have a URL that doesnt' change and goes to your address which might. It does require that you have something running to keep the address updated.

    If you haven't got your router's port forwarding figured out, it might be netter to leave a PC running, and use something like teamviewer, which is free, and provides at least some security. You don't need the dynamic DNS service for this either. Then you have remote access to the PC, which will then give you access to whatever else is in your network, like the Duet.

    If you don't leave a PC or Mac or Linux box running, just want to leave the Duet running and get to it from anywhere, you will need to figure out port forwarding on your router. Many Internet service providers filter port 80 (And 25, 110, 143...) basic Internet services for home users, because they don't want home users running web and mail servers on their home Internet connections. For this you will need to shift the external port and internal port, so that you connect to whatever address on the dynamic DNS service (Or you can just check you external IP address once a day or so when you're home, probably good enough, and if you aren't leaving something running, that's about as often as you can update the DNS anyway.)

    Personally, I think that the BEST option is to leave Teamviewer on something at home, and access that.


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