I2C pyrometer module as temperature sensor

  • Hi,

    I'm playing with the idea of using IR probe as bed temp. sensor.
    It talks via I2C.
    Is it possible with Duet?

  • administrators

    I don't think RepRapFirmware supports this sensor yet but it could be added if you are familiar with C++ programming.

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    We did an interface for a 4-20mA current loop pyrometer for an OEM user a while ago. It used the same daughter board connector that we use for PT100 and thermocouple daughter boards.

    Be aware that I2C should only be used over very short distances, preferably only on a single PCB or between two PCBs that are very close to each other. So I'd recommend that you either use a microcontroller mounted very close to the pyrometer to convert it to an interface and protocol that travel better, or pick a sensor with a different interface.

  • Thanks for the answer! 🙂
    Maybe I have wrong approach angle with that:
    What I'm looking for is more precise measurement of bed surface, that will be glass or granite. I don't want to use heater thermistor or thermistor in bed, as I want to measure surface temperature.


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