Screen rotations and custom programming

  • Hi guys, a couple of questions about the 4.3" Panel Due.....

    1. If I was to require the screen to be rotated into portrait orientation, can the GUI be told to follow suit?
    2. If we want to custom programming the Panel Due (we are not using it for a 3D printer) then how difficult is this and is there high quality documentation showing how to draw the GUI and do the necessary comms with the Duet motherboard?

    Thanks, Rob

  • Oh, I should have added to that..... is the screen resistive or capacitive touch-sensitive? Hopefully the latter.....

  • administrators

    The touch screen is resistive, which is better than capacitive when you need to be sure to hit the right button because you can use the tip of your fingernail oir a stylus to get extra precision. The main drawback of resistive touch panels is that they don't support multi-touch.

    To use PanelDue in portrait mode, you would need to redesign the screen layouts. The low level display driver module can handle any screen orientation.

    The code is open source, it's at There is no additional documentation.


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