ESP8266 / ESP32 Babystepping controller

  • Hello all,

    I come from an Original Prusa i3 MK2 background and as such, really miss the encoder wheel to adjust babystepping / live-z.

    The buttons on the PanelDue / DWC (on mobile phone) arent very convenient; I constantly shift between the ongoing print and the button - to ensure I dont press the wrong button by mistake.

    I have this thought / idea to make an ESP based babystepping controller with an encoder and a small OLED display.

    Basically, on first boot, the device will connect to the network and scan for all the Duets on the network and present them on the screen for the user to select. The IP addresses of the Duets found are saved on the device for future runs.

    Once selected, the device will send a M290 to get the current babystepping and save it for future use. (only on first boot)

    The user then uses the encoder to set the desired babystepping and after a pre-determined timeout, the value is saved (overwriting the previous value)

    For all subsequent uses, the device will recover the babystepping value from EEPROM and then use that as the starting point.

    Please provide me with feedback before I jump in head first into this project. 🙂



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