12864 Display Current Tool Temperatures

  • Hi
    I have found in my testing on the 12864 display the value items (0)79, 179 and 279 are displaying 0 rather than the current tool temperature values.

    I have checked by updating a menu and reloading the menu with values 000, 100, 200 and 001, 101, 201 all report the temperatures as expected. As soon as I use any of the 079 179 or 279 and reload the menu the values are
    Using 2.02RC3 while printing and Tool 1 is active.

    Also appologies for incorrectly submitting an issue on github, should have read the readme!

  • administrators

    Please post the menu file that is not working, also tell us which firmware version you are running on the Duet.

  • Running firmware 2.02 RC3
    I have attached the menu (this is a modified copy of the M3D crane menu)
    I also edited e_menu at the same time to be exactly the same.

    Lines 7 and 9 specifically:
    7: value R15 C50 F0 D1 W27 N079
    9: value R15 C87 F0 D0 W27 N179

  • administrators

    Thanks. Item numbers 79, 179 and 279 were not implemented. Fixed in the forthcoming 2.02RC4 release.

  • I'm seeing my hot end temp reported as fault in the 12864 when the DWC has no faults reported? It's not all the time, but most of the time. Definitely as it heats up.

    text R3 C5 F0 T"Hotend:"
    text R3 C45 F0 V20 T"!!"
    value R3 C50 F0 W27 N0
    text R3 C80 F0 T"/"
    alter R3 C87 F0 D0 W27 N100

    I also just noticed that the fault ( "!!" ) seems to go away when the printer is printing if you force the display to reset by using the menus and letting it time out.

  • administrators

    Thanks for your report. This is on my list to investigate.

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