Uploading macros, sys, firmware files etc

  • I know you can create a zip with the firmware, sys, and www files and upload it to the sd on a duet wifi via web control. I tried including macro files in this zip as well. During upload, it showed my macro files being uploaded, but they did not appear in the macros menu in web control or on the panel due. I'm wondering if uploading/updating macros is not supported by this method, or if I am doing something wrong.

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    That's correct, macro files have to be uploaded through the "Upload macro file(s)" button on the Macros page. Macro files don't have a unique extension in the filename, so DWC doesn't know where they belong. Same for 12864 display menu files on the Duet Maestro.

  • @dc42

    Okay, thank you for the info. Would it be possible to add the ability to do this to the wishlist?

    I use macros to enable a lot of core functionality on the printer I'm developing and it would really make things a lot simpler if we could push one zip that contained macros, sys, and firmware files.

    Our beta testers currently have to upload macros separately and there doesn't seem to be a way to include the file system we have set up for the macros. This means our users have to upload the macros and then recreate the file system if they want to have an organized way of viewing the macros.

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    You could upload macros en mass via FTP, including the folder structure.

  • @phaedrux

    I understand that would make uploading the macros a little easier, but it would be really nice if macro files could be upload with a preserved file structure via the file uploader.

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    Absolutely. Just mentioning a work around.

  • @phaedrux Thanks!

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