power-fail triggers unexpectedly

  • Hey there. For a while now, I've been dealing with layer-shifts in my prints, which shouldn't be possible as my printer is a delta (so lost steps would not linearly shift things)

    I just now found, after watching the printer closely for hours that apparently the printer enters power-fail state.


    I first noticed that the "layer shifts" always happened after a loud noise, like snapping plastic, and inspecting the print now, it does seem the head stayed in the same place for a bit.

    I do not think the PSU has any issues, as it's a Meanwell LRS-350-24 with a relay cutting mains, controlled by the duet. It has worked flawlessly before I moved to duet.
    What I suspect is maybe a firmware glitch turning off the PSU off, or maybe an erroneous VIN low reading, though there are no "VIN LOW" warnings.

    The duet itself is powered separately by a Meanwell RS-15-5.

    For now, I've attached a scope to the 24v supply, and the PSon line, and will try to capture a glitch on either.

  • Okay, this is even more confusing, as I don't currently have that feature enabled. I've upgraded to RC4 from RC2

    alt text

    We'll see if that helps.

  • administrators

    Recent firmware versions save the resume info whenever you pause the print, to allow you to do a planned power down e.g. overnight and resume the print later. I'll change the message to "Resume info saved" or similar because the existing message is confusing.

  • Hmm, okay. I'll keep hunting the mysterious layershifts then 🙂

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