Duex5 FAN Flyback Diode Electromagnet

  • Hi alltogether,

    I would like to know, if it's necessary to use a Flyback Diode (discussed in different threads) for the control of an electronic magnet using a fan port at the Duex5 expansion board.

    I've got a 24V power supply and use the internal power converter of the Duex5 to reduce the voltage to 12V needed for the electronic magnet.

    Since revision 1.02, the Duet Board has the integrated Flyback Diodes for the fan ports, so I was wondering if the Duex Board got them, too.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Revision 0.8 of the DueX boards has flyback diodes built in. Earlier revisions do not.

  • Perfect, thanks a lot! It works as expected. 🙂

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