Now what? How to use the sensor in pratice?

  • Well,

    I took note of every print since enter the beta testing. With all that data how do I choose good % limits for the sensor?

    Also... Not all issues need to halt the printer - for example. If the extruder is skidding sometimes I would like to be informed and not pause the print. Only if the filament stops (or it is not present at all) then it would make sense to pause.

    How do I configure the behavior for different types of issues detected by the sensor?


  • I think from your data you can derive good limits for each different filament and put them into the filament's config.g. At least that is what I will do. I don't think it will be possible to find one value pair that suits all filaments.
    What I do is to check the lowest and highest value for each filament where prints did not under- or over-extrude. Subtract or add to minimum and maximum respectively 5-10% and use these values to setup for this filament.

    AFAIK there currently is no way implemented in the firmware that will allow different behaviors based on type of issue because the sensor does not have a concept of different types of issues. It will see movement or not and can compare to what has been commanded. If that is differing too much it will lead to pausing the print. You could work around that by using a very large safety-margin in the percentage configuration. But it will be a workaround.

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